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CMS Issues Online Quality Payment Program Tool

Healthcare clinicians now have access to a tool from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to “share automatically electronic data for the Medicare Quality Payment Program.”  The tool is part of the its ongoing projects “to spur the creation of innovative, customizable tools to reduce burden for clinicians, while also supporting high-quality care for patients,” according to a news release.

The CMS Quality Payment Program website was released in October. The tool, known as an Application Program Interface, “builds on that site by making it easier for other organizations to retrieve and maintain the Quality Payment Program’s measures and enable them to build applications for clinicians and their practices.”

In November, CMS reported tens of thousands of clinicians were using the tool.  “An important part of the Quality Payment Program is to make it easier and less expensive to participate, so clinicians may focus on seeing patients,” said Andy Slavitt, acting administrator of CMS.  “This first release is a step in that process, both for physicians and the technologists who support them.”

The Quality Payment Program is “modernizing Medicare to pay smarter for better care” through organized policy and improved technology and operations, according to CMS. “The Quality Payment Program is designed to reduce reporting burden on clinicians so that they can focus on their patients, while also providing useful information to clinicians and other stakeholders, so that overall care quality improves. As the program and its supporting website mature, CMS will continue to release data and APIs to spur innovation and keep participants up-to-date.” More information:

Last modified onWednesday, 04 January 2017 15:35
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