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Collections at Urgent Care Centers


ACA International board member Tom Gavinski spoke to Urgent Care magazine about the nuances behind outsourcing medical debt to third-party collection agencies. It’s a process that relies on timing, choosing the right partners and compliance. Tapping into a debt collection agency’s core competency and technology is sure to be a boon to an urgent care center’s bottom line.


M&A Activity Remains Strong in Second Quarter


Twenty-six hospital and health system transactions occurred in the second quarter, an increase from 23 transactions in the first quarter, according to an analysis by Kaufman Hall. Mergers and acquisitions “continue to be a critical approach to developing the capabilities needed for value-based care, reducing costs, and enhancing competitive positioning,” according to the analysis.


Prescription Drug Costs Create Financial Burden


A majority of the public surveyed by the Kaiser Family Foundation continue to report the cost of prescription drugs in the U.S. is unreasonable. Seventy-seven percent of survey respondents who are currently taking medications find prescription drug costs to be unreasonable. Twenty-four percent of respondents who take prescription drugs also report that, in the past 12 months, they or a family member did not fill a prescription because of the cost.


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