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HHS ‘A Bill You Can Understand’ Challenge is Underway

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is soliciting new approaches to medical billing from healthcare organizations and other innovators through its “A Bill You Can Understand” challenge. “People who use healthcare in the U.S. today can often receive bills from multiple hospitals, doctors, labs or specialists for the same episode of care that vary in content, presentation and use of health industry jargon,” HHS reports.

“Because of this, it can be difficult for patients to understand what they owe, what their insurance plan covers, and whether the bills are correct or complete.”  HHS will issue awards for the design that is easiest to understand and the best transformational approach to improve the medical billing system for patients.

“Submissions will be judged based on understandability, creativity and how well they address the challenges outlined by patients, providers and payers, among other criteria explained on the challenge website,” according to HHS.  Several healthcare organizations have agreed to test or implement the winning designs. Entries for the challenge will be accepted until Aug. 10, 2016.  More information:

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