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Consumers Expect Higher Costs Under American Health Care Act

Since the U.S. House of Representatives approved the American Health Care Act (AHCA) on May 4 and the U.S. Senate, at press time, continued to review the plan, consumers overall say they have an “unfavorable” view of the legislation and are pessimistic about its impact on their healthcare costs and quality of care, according to the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation Health Tracking Poll.  Fifty-five percent of respondents to the poll said they have an unfavorable view of the AHCA and 31 percent said they have a favorable view of the plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, according to a news release from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

“There is also a considerable enthusiasm gap with a larger share saying that they have a ‘very unfavorable’ view (40 percent) than saying they have a ‘very favorable’ view (12 percent),” it states.  Consumers are more pessimistic about the healthcare plan now compared to in December, after the elections, but before the proposal in the 115th Congress was introduced.  Forty-five percent of respondents to the poll in May said the AHCA would result in higher healthcare costs compared to 28 percent who provided that response in December.

“In addition, a third now expect their ability to get and keep health insurance and the quality of their healthcare to get worse under the pending bill, compared to about one in five that said so in December,” according to the news release.  The poll also shows that 55 percent of respondents want the U.S. Senate to make significant changes to the version of the AHCA passed in the House or not pass the legislation. The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation has been following the public opinion on the Affordable Care Act since 2010. The May poll shows consumers continue to have more favorable views of the Affordable Care Act than unfavorable, 49 percent and 42 percent, respectively.  Additional findings in the poll include:

-Thirty-one percent of consumers have favorable views of the AHCA.

-Republicans have more favorable views of the AHCA (67 percent) than of the Affordable Care Act (12 percent.) Among Democrats and independents, 48 percent have more favorable views of the Affordable Care Act than of the AHCA (30 percent.)

-However, a majority of consumers in the poll (74 percent) say it is “likely” that the president and Congress will move forward with repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act.

See a graph based on data from the poll in Data Watch. 

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